Take Your Child to Work (From Home) Day! – April 23, 2020

With Take Your Child to Work Day all but impossible to celebrate in a conventional way this year, we invite students, teachers, family and friends to enjoy Career Carnival for Kids’ online resources for an alternative “Take Your Child to Work (From Home!) Day.”

Complete our Job Application for Career Curious Kids and conduct your own
Job Interview at home or online (business attire optional!).

Try one or all of the Career Carnival Activity Sheets to learn about different jobs and industries with word finds, match games and more.

And be sure to get to know the fabulous professionals profiled in our new Career Profile Library. The library is going to grow (a lot), so visit often to check out new additions.

We’ll also post challenges for kids/classes/families, starting with this List & Learn. Put together your best lists and share them with us on Facebook (@CareerCarnivalforKids) or email us at careercarnivalforkids@gmail.com!

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